United Ministries' Transformation Walk & 5K Run


Take a Step. Change a Life.

"My children and I are beyond grateful for the hospitality United Ministries and partners have shown us. I went from working third shift with two children, barely getting sleep due to our poor living conditions, to feeling more rested and relieved than I have in a while. I can't say thank you enough! Love you all."

"Thanking you for your support of United Ministries. Because of you and your gift, I've gotten a new job as an operator and earned a promotion to lead operator. Just wanted to say thank you."

"As I sit here waiting my turn for this program, you hear it through the people who are sitting here, how thankful, how grateful they are for this program. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. As a senior on fixed income, I'm able to keep my independence because of this program, and that's more than any amount of money that you can get, is to know that you can still do for yourself. Thank you."

"Thank you for your support of United Ministries! Because of your gifts, I've been able to graduate and earn a promotion as a Junior H. R. Manager at Publix! I have been able to enroll in college to hopefully become a veterinarian. More importantly, I am setting a positive example for my fiancé, nieces, and nephews! Finally, earning my GED has drastically improved by self-confidence/self-esteem!"

"Hi. My five children and I were blessed beyond words by your ministry. We were served, welcomed, and even loved by complete and total strangers. You all showed us literally the Bible in action. You gave me a boost in faith and a new hope again. Each and every person we came in contact with made us feel loved. I will NEVER for as long as I live forget the love shown to us. I am 36 years old and have never been loved like that. So thank YOU, thank you all. "

"I was supposed to graduate high school in 2006, but I dropped out. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and gifts to United Ministries, because I have NOW accomplished a very personal goal I've had for a long 11 years. So many doors have opened for me, and now I'm thinking of what career I would like, and to have the opportunity to attend college is amazing. Thank You Again!"

"I'm letting you know this opportunity is the best thing that could have happened to me and my family. I am now employed in Kemet in Simpsonville, and it is going well. I hope to give back to all the people that helped me."